Exceeding Expectations

Tell me the sky's the limit and I'll leave my footprints on the moon; do not underestimate the things that I will do to prove you wrong, for on the back of my horse; the impossible becomes simple. ~ Gabriella Zuccone

Welcome to Capriole Sim

A wonderful serenity has taken possession of my entire soul, like these sweet mornings of spring which I enjoy with my whole heart.

Capriole was first established in 2012 with the intention of providing a safe and fun environment for simmers to explore their equine dreams be it a backyard barn or a racing empire. After a 6 year hiatus, we are back with a new lease on life accompanied by a few new features and an entirely new outlook.

Capriole has always been a close-knit community that places and emphasis on diversity and individuality. We encourage our members to be themselves and get creative. Maturity out the window, we try not to take ourselves too seriously as, after all, it's only a game.

Why Join Us?

Feature Packed

Capriole comes fully loaded with a variety of features desiged to ease gameplay


Capriole is a sim designed by real life equestrians for enthusiasts of all walks of life.

Team VS Individual

Members play as individuals as well as part of a team for year end competition and games.

Traditionally Equine

A close-knit community for equine enthusiasts who just wanna have fun. No Politics, No Drama, Just Horsing Around!

Capriole was founded with the belief that our members come first. We are constantly adapting to new methods of play and strive to evolve in the direction our members steer us. One of Capriole's best attributes is that we thrive on constructive criticism. Our community is a safe zone where each and every one of our members are encouraged to express their opinions as well as their creativity.


Capriole Sim is an educational community for equine enthusiasts. All content found on this site is pure make believe and was intended soley for entertainment purposes. Any inquiries or concerns may be directed towards the administrative staff via the contact page.