Classic Style

Capriole Sim is a classic forum style sim where the majority of gameplay takes place on the community forum. Members build websites to represent their stables, association and businesses.

Friendly Environment

Capriole is a close-knit community founded on the beliefs that "We are all in this together". We pride ourselves on keeping our community clean and drama free with a primary focus on all things horse.

Endless Possibilites

We welcome members from all walks of like so be it a hobby farm or a multi-million dollar breeding enterprise, the opportunities are truly endless.

Welcome to Capriole Sim

Capriole was established in 2012 by a couple of simmers looking to create a community for equine enthusiasts for all disciplines and backgrounds. After a successful but short run we were forced to close indefinitely due to time constraints and real life. This spring we will be making a come back and will be opening our doors to both previous and potential members. With this re-opening we will be introducing a new site, new features and an updated rule system.

Why Join?

Here at Capriole our philosophy is "Keep it Simple!". Over the last couple of years since our hiatus began we have been watching the trend of online sims and the biggest challenge that new simmers are facing today is the over complication of sim games and lack of activity. Here at Capriole we strive to keep our game play simple yet interesting by introducing easy to follow guidelines and allowing the members to fully integrate into the community in a smooth manner. If you are looking for a sim that's all about the horse and less about the complicated gimicks, join us and start your simming experience today.

Key Features

Capriole, though a classic style sim, uses a number of automated features to assist with our member's daily gameplay.

  • Automated Banking System
  • Database Driven Equine Registration System
  • Semi-Automated Breeding System
  • Automated AMI Records

Daily Stride

Latest news & updates will be posted here.


Capriole Sim is an online educational horse sim designed & developed for entertainment purposes only. All photos used on this site are acredited to their rightful owner and are only used for visual inhancements. If you find a photo belonging to you on this site and would like to have it removed, please contact the Administrator

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